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Greeting Card Blues

October 2, 2014

So does anyone else choke when trying to write in cards?

A couple of days ago, I was writing in a card and things were going pretty well.  Was saying what I wanted to say, and actually making sense.  My writing is horrendous, so I was printing and trying to do my best to make it look like the work of someone much older than six yet much younger than 106.

It actually looked kinda not horrible.  Not as pretty as this, but solid.

But then the pen started losing ink and things took a bad turn–letters with parts missing, lines of scattered shaky ink, overlapping words, the works.  And of course as soon as I started to choke, it only got worse.  Here’s a somewhat accurate representation of the writing. oh well.

The thing is, I think it’s amusingly terrible, so I went ahead and sent it anyway.  Never let embarrassment get in the way of hilarity…