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Never Tear Us Apart

April 20, 2011

So here’s my latest song obsession.  It’s a cool cover of  “Never Tear Us Apart” by The Great Book of John.  Love the guitar work.

Can’t stop listening to it…

(Taylor Shaw, guitarist and songwriter for the band, has played with Taylor Hicks.)



April 13, 2011

Play with the fish.  Let them follow your mouse, or click on the surface to feed them.  Get your own here.


Brian Eno, Music For Airports

April 12, 2011

A little prettiness for the day…

Kid Creates And Plays A New Instrument

April 9, 2011

Ok so this is really cool.  I’m thinking this kid is going to be gracing our Tee Vees very soon.  Just creating this thing is impressive, but playing it and teaching someone else to play it too?  Genius.

(via )

Colbert V. Keyboard Cat

April 1, 2011

In honor of Stephen Colbert’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon tonight,  here’s a link to one of my favorite clips from the Daily Show/Colbert Report:—keyboard-cat

Will Taylor appear in a skit with Colbert tonight?   I’ll be tuning in to find out.


edit again…

NBC  killed the youtube vid, so I’m dropping the link to Taylor Hick’s site.  (Good on NBC for letting him keep the vid on his site.)  🙂

Here’s what they did.  Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Taylor Hicks sing “Friday”

Hilarious!  And soon to be viral.  Nicely done T.

The youtube vid got over a million hits.  Let’s give him a million more…