Taylor In L.A.

In honor of Taylor’s trip to L.A., and his hilarious twitter party on the way there, here’s Sugarcult’s “Los Angeles”

Hope we get to find out what he’s been up to in NYC and LA soon.

(Vid has some NSFW language)

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6 Comments on “Taylor In L.A.”

  1. NolaMar Says:

    It must be something pretty good in the works!

  2. NolaMar Says:

    Like the song. Good choice. 🙂

  3. You rock my friend. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    As usual I missed the twitter party, but it was fun reading everyones tweets and his replies! Looks like he is being tested for allergies, 3 days worth. My son went through that but they broke them into like 3-4 hr appts, took longer but I guess Taylor needs to do it in one shot.

    Cool video!!


  5. JI, It’s amazing how many things he’s allergic to. Poor T.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    When my son was tested they said he is the most allergic person they have ever had in their office. He is allergic to everything outside trees, grass dirt etc, rag weed and and dandolines are the worst. I wish he could do something like T is doing and get it over with quickly instead of 2 yrs of shots and no guarentee he will get better by the end. The surgery to correct his septem collapsed so he keeps getting back to back sinus infec, they can’t medicate him anymore cause he has had too many antiboditics to give him more. I have read everything I could about home remedies and he is finally headache free going on 4 wks now, but still has the infection, can’t win. I do hope what T is going through gives him the relief he is hoping for.


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