What A Fun Night!

It was a fun night of tweeting about Taylor possibly being on “Dancing With The Stars”

I was vilified in the nicest possible way by friends I’ve talked with for years on twitter and elsewhere in Taylorland.

Funny thing is, I never said anything negative about Taylor doing DWTS or anything else.  I said that I was tired of the press treating him like crap.

For saying that,  I was pretty much called an idiot and overly emotional.  Awesome!

In my humble opinion, the SP can kiss my fat ass.

I love Taylor Hicks.  I will always be his fan.

I don’t love his fans.  I think they are myopic and ridiculous.  There’s a reason why some fans are called tards.

I wonder if it’s flattering or scary to a star when they have fans who think they are perfect?  I would think scary.  But I’m not a star, thank God.

Here’s an example of why I love TH…  “Moondance” at Boots Blues and BBQ.

Video by Lh11oo

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2 Comments on “What A Fun Night!”

  1. Ange Bleu Says:

    Lv Taylor. Lv his version of Moondance. He’s such a talented dude – and handsome, too. If he does decide to do DWTS I believe it’ll have a neutral effect on his career. He might pick up some new fans, but he’ll have to be in the top four to have a twinge of a positive impact. I’d sure hate to see him go the way of Michael Bolton or David Hasselhoff.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    I hate to see him get negative press too, like I said elsewhere when that one positive article shows up he shines and you can look beyond the negative stuff and hope more positve shows up. I believe Taylor thinks about every move he makes and how it will effect him in the long run. Any competition show he goes on he takes a chance of not winning, but I think the TV exposure outweighs not trying at all.


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