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Jam Cruise 9 Video

January 22, 2011

How fun does this look?!

(Video by Jeff Grady)



Two For One: “Run On”

January 20, 2011

I’ve been a big fan of  “Run On” by Johnny Cash from the first listen.  Just a devastating performance.  I think the sad sure tone and slow pacing  gives a creepy matter-of-fact punch to the scary lyrics.

Well the other day I was watching “The Rookie” and the Elvis version of “Run On” was on the sound track.  I really love it too.  In a way, the happy bopping pace of the song makes it even scarier than Johnny’s version.  Sorry, can’t embed this one.  Have to watch it on youtube.

Diving In It

January 17, 2011

Trouble brewing!


What A Fun Night!

January 16, 2011

It was a fun night of tweeting about Taylor possibly being on “Dancing With The Stars”

I was vilified in the nicest possible way by friends I’ve talked with for years on twitter and elsewhere in Taylorland.

Funny thing is, I never said anything negative about Taylor doing DWTS or anything else.  I said that I was tired of the press treating him like crap.

For saying that,  I was pretty much called an idiot and overly emotional.  Awesome!

In my humble opinion, the SP can kiss my fat ass.

I love Taylor Hicks.  I will always be his fan.

I don’t love his fans.  I think they are myopic and ridiculous.  There’s a reason why some fans are called tards.

I wonder if it’s flattering or scary to a star when they have fans who think they are perfect?  I would think scary.  But I’m not a star, thank God.

Here’s an example of why I love TH…  “Moondance” at Boots Blues and BBQ.

Video by Lh11oo