We Need A Little Christmas

Well I think we do.  So does Johnny Mathis.

How about some Mitch Miller too?  Just to add a particularly festive touch.

“Sleigh Ride!”

And what Christmas set would be complete without some Dean?

“Walking In A Winter Wonderland”

Happy Holidays!



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3 Comments on “We Need A Little Christmas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I especially love the Mitch Miller song. My mom & step-dad were fans of the Ray Conniff Singers and the Mitch Miller song sounds a lot like them. I bought the Ray Conniff Christmas album as an adult, and our family used to listen to it every year while we drank hot chocolate and decorated our tree. Thanks for the Christmas music! http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Ray-Conniff/dp/B0000024QR/ref=pd_sim_m_1

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    So funny when we were down going through my MIL’s things, I had given her alot of my folks big band albums, she just loved them. My SIL said why don’t you take them back. So DH and I were going through them and that Mitch Miller Christmas album was in there was one of my folks favorite Christmas album, its now back here in our den, DS and friends were listening to Mitch last night, LOL!!!


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