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My Three Favorite Things On The Internet

September 13, 2010

Probably will give you a better understanding of my sensibilities than an “about” page ever could.

  1. Poke The Bunny Go poke him.  You know you want to.
  2. What Neil Armstrong really said when he stepped on the moon (NSFW language) Neil gets pretty excited.
  3. Ruin Sorbees Classic fractured English.

And a strong honorable mention goes to Usher and the Goat.  It’s remarkable how similar their voices are.


Tired Old Queen at the Movies

September 9, 2010

Check out one of my favorite web series, “Tired Old Queen at the Movies.”

Steve Hayes as the TOQ recommends old movies.  He’s funny, a little sassy, and very knowledgeable.  Steve’s friend, John Bixler, introduces him each episode and adds to the funny.

Here’s the latest episode:

Finally. Football. NFL, That is.

September 9, 2010

Oh excellent.  It’s NFL eve.

Can’t wait to watch the tasty match up of Favre vs. The awesome Saints.  And yes, I did say Farve vs. Saints.   Sports media will do that to you.  Hopefully Favre will play the fun, balls out way he always has, and I will stop having hate in my heart for his ridiculous over-the-top attention whoring.  Hopefully.  But I do want the Saints to win.  I think the Saints win it by 3 points.  We’ll see.  I’m not good at predicting games.

Damn.  I still need to do my YAY!!! football dance…

My Mom Surrenders

September 7, 2010

It took four and a half years, but my mom has finally surrendered.  Look at what she sent me:

I really like the fact that she asked me if I’d seen the article.  Hahaha!  She still has much to learn.

Taylor to be on Wendy Williams Show

September 2, 2010

Cool!  I think Taylor’s publicist is doing a really excellent job.  He’s scheduled to perform, but I’m hoping she chats with him too.  Should be entertaining.

Here’s a clip of Wendy Williams and Omarosa getting in a fight:

Danny Gatton

September 2, 2010

Simply incredible music.   Left us way too soon.

“Sky King”

“Funky Mama”