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“Where Is My Mind”

August 31, 2010

Just love Maxence Cyrin’s cover of “Where Is My Mind”.  I think it sounds like it could be a Debussy theme.

“Where Is My Mind”  The Pixies


Taylor Says Goodbye…For Now

August 30, 2010

The Bad Ass tour certainly lived up to its name, as anyone who was fortunate enough to hit a tour stop can tell you.  Thanks to Taylor and his band for putting on some fantastic shows.  Thanks to the fans who shared pictures, audio, and video.  By sharing your media, you’ve given all his fans a taste of the tour experience.

Stay tuned for a couple of television appearances, and some more tour dates in the east.

I have a feeling we’re in for some surprises over the next few months too.

Have fun vacating, Taylor!  Can’t wait to see what you do next.

A couple of my favorite videos from the tour:

“Maybe You Should”  (by denv)

“Hell of a Day” (by diane)

Joe’s Faux Commercial

August 27, 2010

Oh how I love Trader Joe’s!  Last visit we got chocolate covered espresso beans, organic dried cherries, veggie wraps, and the BEST frozen macaroni and cheese ever.  Run, don’t walk to TJ’s now and get the macs and cheese.  Trust me.

Anywho, a dude made a very accurate and funny faux commercial for Trader Joe’s.  Do enjoy.  Did I mention you need to get their macaroni and cheese?

The Bad Ass Poster

August 23, 2010

So the moment I saw the Big Bad Ass promo poster of Taylor’s show on top of a slot bank, I started to laugh manically…

G., my husband, knows that laugh all too well.  It’s the “Ooohhhhh MUST have” laugh of the questionably sane.

But how would I get it?  It’s not like the poster was in someone’s yard in a quiet part of town where I could “borrow” it for an extended period.  (*cough* Stadium of Fire poster *cough*)  I mean I’m pretty sure I could have lifted it and taken it to my room but then something like this would have happened:

Knock KNOCK!!

“Who’s there?”

“Security.  Open up ma’am.”

“Just a minute…”

“Hi!  What’s up?”

“We have a message from the management and staff of the Aquarius Casino.”

“Oh?  What is it??”


Clearly I needed a plan B.

So, I went up to the host and said, “I’m a HUGE fan of TH.  Would it be possible for me to have one of the promotional posters?”

She said she really couldn’t tell me yes or no, but I could call the Director of Marketing and see what he said.  Then she wrote down his name and number and gave it to me.

So I called him up and, of course got his voice mail.  The message I left went a little something like this:

“Hi my name is PFS and I’m a guest at your hotel.”  (That was pretty much the only coherent thing I said other than giving him G.’s phone number)  “I’m ahugeTHfanand babble BABBLE babble babble Poster babble Want babble babble…”

I told G.  I left the message, and we had a good laugh over the thought of the guy actually calling me back.  Maybe I needed a plan C?

G. went up to the player’s club desk and asked about the poster.  The lady there said the posters are taken down and disposed of during the show.  She said they NEVER give away or sell the posters.


So we proceeded to gamble, eat, drink and have a great time.  Go to the Aquarius!  It’s a blast!

Flash forward to the night of the show.  Shockingly, I hadn’t received a phone call from marketing.  Plan A was starting to sound almost reasonable.

So we were taking a couple of minutes to decompress after getting ready to meet some people for dinner, when G.’s phone rang.  He looked at the number and didn’t recognize it, but he answered it anyway.  G. said, “It’s for you,” and handed me the phone.

“Hello Jane?  This is Sean Hammond.  I got your voice mail…”



Eh ah babble babble BABBLE!

“I think I can help you with that poster.”

Me:  Ooh.  Oh thank you so much for calling back that’s so cool!   (Finally a little coherence)

“I’m glad to help…”


Babble babble I’m so sorry for interrupting you, BabbleBabble!

He told me he would meet me after the show and give me the poster.  He said that Taylor was signing stuff after the show and he thought I could probably get the poster signed.

Dinner was fun, though I may have been slightly distracted.

As you’ve probably seen the vids, you all know the show was fantastic.  But that’s a recap for another time…

So we file out of the show and I’m looking for a “Suit”.  Didn’t know what Sean looked like, but having worked in the service industry, I can usually find the managerial type fairly quickly.  Turns out he was the one who introduced Taylor on stage. Yeah.  I probably should have figured that out, but who can think when a T. show is about to begin?

“Are you Sean?  I’m PFS.”

“Hi PFS!  I have your poster, but I’m going to put it down at the player’s club for you.  You can pick it up about an hour after T. is done signing stuff.”

Smart man.  He knew both of us would get some, err, unpleasant attention if he just handed it to me in front of the fans.  Hahaha!  I think he got a crash course in SP fandom that night.  I thanked him and went to get some stuff signed.

So G. and I were waiting to meet up with a few SP for the post show wind down when Sean walked by with the SIGNED poster.  He saw us and handed it off!  I thanked him profusely and gave him a hug.  You all, the poster is a little over five feet long.  I wasn’t kidding about it being big ass.  It’s more than a bit unwieldy, especially in a crowded casino.  G. carried that thing up to the room for me and said he got some nice stares.  Hahaha!  G. is very good to me.

A couple of postscripts:

So we finally have our post show meet up, and I can’t stand it.  I have to tell them about the poster.  They said that the line of people waiting to get merch signed saw Sean with the poster and there was a “little” stir.  People kept asking who it was for and he kept saying something vague like it’s for a high roller.  Hahaha!  Yeah right.

When we were walking to our car in the parking lot I was hauling the poster.  This gal in a pickup starts honking like crazy and waving at me.  I stopped and she stuck her head out the window and said, “So YOU are the one who got that poster.  What did you do to get it?!”  I smiled at her and said, “I asked.”

Here he is resting comfortably on the couch and watching some tube.

The End